Wedding Photography 101


Learn how to plan, pack, and execute a wedding shoot like a pro.

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This course is for you if…

You have struggled to capture amazing photos on the big day.

Shooting a wedding seems scary as you don’t want to mess it up.

You always seem to have the wrong gear with you.

Feel confident about shooting any wedding!

What You’ll Learn

Whether your friends have asked you to shoot their wedding, or you are getting started shooting weddings commercially, this course will walk you through all the variables you need to consider to have a successful wedding day shoot.

The course is structured to be a mix of theory and practical – talking you through general points that you want to consider for any wedding scenario, before taking you along on a full styled wedding day where you see how I shoot the day, overcome problems and work with the bridal party.


Imagine you could…

Know how to plan perfectly and be able to capture the most important moments, creating an amazing album that the bride and groom will love. Understand what you need for each shot before you take it so you can capture everything perfectly.

Hear what photographers have to say…

"This course was just what I needed. I am shooting a wedding in September and I was so nervous about messing up the ceremony! Matt’s course showed me all the shots I need to get, where I need to be at each point in the ceremony and what lenses will work best for each part of the day. Highly recommended"
- Carmen

"Having watched Matt's Wedding Photography 101, I actually feel that I can competently serve a bride on her most important day! Until now, I really wanted nothing to do with such an important one-time event! The 100+ "must-have" shot list is great, as are the other planning resources; and actually seeing him shoot a wedding, real-time, and then re-shoot it while adding remarks to the camera, was a really useful way of offering this information. Plus, I feel that I can apply the approach and techniques to any event I may shoot in the future. Breathe easy!"
- Eric

"I am so happy to have purchased the wedding 101 series. I found it very informative and easy to follow and a great way to get some valuable insight if you are planning to get into wedding or event photography in the future, definitely worth the price, I would highly recommend the series, thanks to Matt, another fantastic series."
- Laith

"Wow you take great photos – would you shoot our wedding? So many photographers are faced with this – and honestly – it just isn’t that simple. A wedding is a huge day-long event with lots of parts and dozens of must get images – which are often non-repeatable moments. I created this course to get someone confident, ready and prepared to shoot their first wedding – from meeting with the couple to scouting locations, executing the shoot, all the way to delivering final images."

Matt Granger

Wedding Photography 101


Learn how to plan, pack, and execute a wedding shoot like a pro.

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4h 52m






We introduce you to the key concepts and what will be covered in this course.


Gear & Packing

Knowing what gear you will need in each part of the day, and how to use it to get the best outcome is critical. I talk you through the theory and show you in practice how I use the different equipm...



The most confronting thing about shooting a wedding is not knowing what to expect. Learn how to prepare for all eventualities so you can work confidently all day long.


The Month Prior

Until you have shot several weddings, it’s impossible to know what steps you need to take before the wedding to make sure things go smoothly. I will run you through a variety of things that c...


Intro to Shoots

A quick reality check before we jump into the different shoots that will make up the wedding day.


Women Getting Ready

This is an important opportunity to strike the right dynamic with the bridal party which will make the rest of your day easier. We include the women’s special clothing items, jewelry, and mak...


Men Getting Ready

Now we focus on the men, the camaraderie, the clothing and the special elements of the groomsmen. There are over 20 key shots to get, including storytelling images and detail shots in the men and w...


The Ceremony

This is the once in a lifetime moment the couple has been dreaming about – and it is often the most stressful part of the day. I walk you through what to expect, where to position yourself, w...


Group Shots

Even couples who want a documentary or progressive style of photography end up wanting posed bridal party shots – and these (along with group guest shots) are the ones most likely to end up f...


The Reception

Now the party begins. Every reception presents different lighting and shooting challenges, and you still have several must get shots in this final session of the night, with speeches, first dance, ...


Couple Portraits

Whether pre-wedding or post, getting beautiful staged shots of the couple is a priority at most weddings. Matt takes you through the key points in the studio before going on location and showing yo...


Post Processing Workflow

You’re likely to end the day with hundreds or thousands of images. I walk you through my process to cull down the shots and save time in editing, as well as showing you options on how best to...


The Bride

Learn a really quick trick for getting unique images wherever you are to create amazing images of your bride.


What’s Next?

In wrapping up this course I want to give you some extra advice to help you take your photography to the next level. I look forward to seeing your work!

Wedding Photography 101


Learn how to plan, pack, and execute a wedding shoot like a pro.

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