The Light Masterclass


Learn how to see, manipulate and record light like a pro.

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This course is for you if…

You often over or underexpose your images by mistake.

There are words or phrases in photography you don’t understand.

You struggle to create interesting looks when taking photos.

Take control of your camera and the light it sees!

What You’ll Learn

All a camera is doing is recording light. If you don’t understand how light works and how to control it you are not getting the most from your photos.

This course will teach you everything you need to take control of your photography and start creating amazing images.

Throughout this series, you come behind the scenes and follow along as I teach Tina all the fundamentals of photography. I explain the concept, demonstrate it, then give her a series of targeted assignments, which you will do at home. 


Imagine you could…

Fully understand photography and lighting. Know intuitively how to expose a shot for maximum effect and manipulate the light to create masterpieces with your camera.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“You don't just see the final product and an ideal setup. You actually see how someone gets there and the trial and error that actually goes into making a great shot. So much better than being in a classroom!”
- Duncan

“I really liked the series! I got inspired and learned SO much. It was actually more than expected. I thought it was going to be just flash photography, but I am glad that your approach was more towards how to capture light, flash or not.”
- Pelle

“I’ve never thought about light the way Matt describes it. He’s right, that’s all photography is. Once I did this course my photography started improving exponentially. I’m starting to look at the world differently, looking for interesting light all the time. I’m so inspired!!”
- Henry

"The words are almost a cliché – everyone knows that light is the foundation of photography, but in practice, many people still don’t get it. I created this course to make it easy for people to master the use of light and to control light in a way that suits their own style."

Matt Granger

The Light Masterclass


Learn how to see, manipulate and record light like a pro.

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3h 32m






Welcome! Find out what to expect and how the assignments work throughout the course.


Exposure - Part 1

We start our conversation about exposure looking at two key exposure variables – shutter speed and aperture. I explain how these work physically in your camera, show the practical implication...


Exposure - Part 2

Next, we talk about ISO and ASA, and how the sensitivity of your sensor or film affects exposure, and what the downsides are. We look at exposure compensation and what situations it is most useful ...


Crafting Your Image

Learn how to balance your exposure whilst getting the look you want. Do you want to include the environment or cut the clutter? Do you want to freeze motion, or include some blur?


Controlling Ambient Light with your Shutter Speed

On his assignment, we will take portraits using a single light outdoors and you’ll learn how to control your flash and ambient light independently in one frame.


Lens Selection

There is no point in owning a bunch of lenses you don’t use. Here we demonstrate the distortion you may be introducing into your shots and discuss how you can use perspective and distortion c...


Quality of Light

We go through in detail showing the different results you get from different light sources and light modifiers. I’ll explain the principles at work and how you can create soft and silky shado...


Breaking Down the Light

Learn the key sections present in all forms of light, and how you can hide your highlight (hotspot) or use it for creative effect.


The Difference Between Lighting Options

Now we’ve seen how modifiers and natural light sources change an image we can play around with these to learn what works and what doesn’t.


How Light Falls Off with Distance

Learn how distance affects the way light hits your subject and what looks can be created controlling this variable.


Creative Lighting

Putting everything we have learned so far into action follows along as Tina uses lighting to create the effect she wants.


Apparent Size of the Light Source

Learn how, by changing the size of your light source you can take control of the shadows and softness produced.


Mixing Hard and Soft Light Sources

Discover the different looks you can create by mixing hard and soft lights. We demonstrate with both flashes and simple continuous lights.


How Light Works

Getting the correct exposure while capturing all the detail you want all comes down to managing light. Learn how to balance your exposures better.


Exposure Variables

Learn how each exposure variable impacts your shot, and how you can use them creatively to make unique images. Discover which option will work best in different shooting circumstances.

The Light Masterclass


Learn how to see, manipulate and record light like a pro.

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