Photography Masterclass


From mastering the basics of the camera and lighting to learning street photography, taking headshots, and more, learn everything you need to know to master photography.

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This course is for you if…

Once you are out of your comfort zone your photos suffer.

You want to branch out into different areas of photography but it’s daunting.

You don’t want to feel like a beginner anymore.

The right tools to achieve your photographic dreams!

What You’ll Learn

This course is broken into two sections. First I’ll take you through all the basics of the camera, how to choose your camera gear, all the basics of exposure and manual camera settings, as well as travel photography, portraiture, and fashion photography.

In the second half, we will take this knowledge and use it in practical exercises.

Knowing how to attack different styles of photography will help you find your own unique voice and area of interest.


Imagine you could…

Go from zero to shooting a complete fashion and portrait shoot. Master your camera in full manual, and truly understand the camera, lighting and working in different situations.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I have used two or three on-line classes in the past for various photography applications but this series is without a doubt the best I have seen. It is very comprehensive, easily understood and uses very practical examples which you can, in turn, try yourself as you work your way through the course. And unlike many others, it doesn’t assume that you have an arsenal of equipment at your beck and call. With Matt and Tina’s usual humorous bent, it really is a joy to work through each session. There is a lot of material here for the price. I would highly recommend it.”
- Doug

“I cannot believe the amount of information, tips, and practical exercises included in this course. As I’m working through it my photography is improving so much that my friends keep commenting on my work. This was the exact training I needed to improve my photography. Thank you!”
- Leo

“I’ve been looking for a course like this. Every component is properly broken down in a way that I can understand. Not only was it informative but I really enjoyed the training and I’m seeing amazing results already!”
- Deanne

"So many of my customers have a good grip of the basics, but wish their friends, family or partners shared their passion. They would love to teach them, but don’t have the skills. I took this on literally and made a course where I bring you along as I really teach my good friend everything she needs to get started – so this is useful if you are the student, or the teacher!"

Matt Granger

Photography Masterclass


From mastering the basics of the camera and lighting to learning street photography, taking headshots, and more, learn everything you need to know to master photography.

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11h 55m





Camera Buying Guide

In this introductory video, I’ll get you to take a look at the requirements and budget to help determine what is the best equipment for you. This is a useful process for anyone looking to buy...


Aperture and Depth of Field

Now we have a camera let’s set about learning the basics. In this episode, I go in-depth on how aperture works, and the impact it has on depth of field. Theory first, then we step outside and...


Photographic Accessories

With the camera and lenses sorted, now I’ll run through important first accessories such as bags, straps, etc.


Shutter Speed and Long Exposure

In this lesson, we go to Hong Kong and use the hustle and bustle of the city to explore the concept of shutter speed. We discuss how shutter speed fits in with the other exposure variables, and sho...


ISO, Exposure and Image Quality

Now in London, we explore the exposure variable of ISO. An important discussion about how ISO can save your exposure but may end up ruining your overall image quality.


Travel Photography Challenge

I challenge Tina to apply what she has learned and create travel photos in London and Berlin. You’ll learn how to create more interesting frames and how to use exposure variables for creative...


White Balance

In this extended episode, Matt teaches Tina about white balance through a series of practical exercises. We test a selection of different light types and demonstrate the color they create, and how ...


Exposure Compensation, Metering Modes & Bracketing

Knowing how to shoot in full manual mode is great, but knowing all the options your camera provides is the best way to get the most from your equipment. I’ll teach you how to meter your scene...


Lens Options

Photography has its fair share of jargon – in this lesson I’ll go through the main terms and options in the lens world.


Photography Inspiration - Studying the Masters

In this extended 40 minute episode, we will review the inspirational work of master photographers to educate you and drive your motivation. We review a wide variety of photographers’ work and...


Planning a Fashion Shoot

Learn how to set up for a fashion shoot and the most important things to consider to ensure everything goes smoothly.


Portrait Challenge - Studio, Strobist & Reflector

Discover everything that goes into a live shoot.


Live Fashion Shoot BTS

Using everything she has learned Tina now tackles a full fashion shoot.


Beauty Photography

In this 44 minute extended episode, we take you along behind the scenes and I’ll walk you through all the variables to consider when, planning, setting up and executing a beauty portrait shoot.


Travel Photography

Learn how to really tell the story of a day in any city. In this episode, we are in Tokyo and I’ll show you how to create great images whilst still enjoying your holiday.


Macro Photography

Let’s get up close and personal. In this 40-minute episode, Matt teaches Tina the skills needed to take great macro photos, whether of flowers, or small details. This is another practical han...


Fitness Photography

We head to the beach in Sydney to photograph two fitness models, both individually and as a duo. You’ll learn how to use flash to dramatic effect, and how to pose models for the best results.


Sunset Photography

Learn how to plan and complete a sunset shoot. I also recap shoots and share bloopers.



ACTION! We take things to another level in this episode, with two professional parkour instructors. Learn how to capture fast-moving subjects in the bright daylight sun. I’ll show you how to ...



Headshot photography is a staple and something that pays the bills for many photographers. In this episode, we focus in on corporate headshots, showing techniques for crafting professional images b...


Street Photography

Matt and Tina head to inner Sydney to focus on street photography. Matt shows Tina a series of techniques for shooting on the street, both candid and working with strangers for posed images as well.

Photography Masterclass


From mastering the basics of the camera and lighting to learning street photography, taking headshots, and more, learn everything you need to know to master photography.

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