Matt Granger
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The training and tools you need to master the art and craft of photography once and for all.

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This bundle is for you if…

You wish your images looked more artistic and dramatic.

You don’t know how to use lighting properly to take great photos.

You don’t know how to shoot great photos once you’re out of your comfort zone.


Master light and create the photos you've dreamed of!

What You’ll Learn

My full photography curriculum will take you through everything you need to truly master photography.

You’ll learn start-to-finish the fundamentals of the camera, mastering the use of light - both natural and flash, how to plan your first shoot, how to conquer street photography, create amazing portraits no matter where you are, how to set up your own business as a photographer and much more.


Imagine you could…

Feel confident and inspired wherever you are and capture incredible images. Understand how to think like a pro and produce a body of work your friends and family love.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I love Matt’s training, it’s so fun and packed full of information. I’ve been shooting for years but recently decided to ‘be a bit more serious about it’ and I’m so happy I found this training. Better than anything else I’ve done!!”
- J.W.

“I’m at college studying photography right now and took these courses while college was closed. I literally learned more from Matt than I have so far this year. Matt is a great teacher, the courses are so thorough and everything I’m learning I can actually use straight away. Thanks so much, Matt!!”
- J.W.

“It really feels like matt built these courses in a way that leaves no stone unturned. Every element of photography, every style of photography, and every needed technique is covered. It’s the most amazingly comprehensive group of courses I’ve seen. I’m loving it so far!”
- T.Y.

"I’ve put together a full training line up that is interactive and fun but also informative and will push you to improve. Whether you love taking photos of your family, you like having a camera on holiday to capture special moments or you want to be an international wedding photographer these courses will inspire you, teach you and build your confidence so you can create incredible art that will last forever."

Matt Granger

Matt Granger
Complete Pack


The training and tools you need to master the art and craft of photography once and for all.

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What's included?

Here is everything you get in this bundle!

Photography Masterclass

20 LESSONS | 11H 55M

$399 included

Whether you are just getting started with photography or you have been shooting for years, the follow-along exercises in this course will give you a professional viewpoint and the tools to achieve your photographic dreams.

The Light Masterclass

15 LESSONS | 3H 32M

$197 included

All a camera is doing is recording light. If you don’t understand how light works and how to control it you are not getting the most from your photos. Take control of your camera and the light it sees in this interactive course.

Photography Business Masterclass

11 LESSONS | 4H 59M

$297 included

Whether you are considering occasional casual work, wanting to go full time, or to grow your established business, this masterclass will provide you with all of the strategies and tools that you need to succeed.

Natural & Available Light 101

34 LESSONS | 4H 59M

$207 included

By the end of the course, you will be able to evaluate the available light sources (both natural and artificial), know the results they will create and your options to modify, restrict, soften or fill in with the aid of simple accessories.

Aerial Photography & Video 101


$159 included

On this course, you will learn everything you need to know to successfully execute an expert level aerial shoot. From preparing your gear for the shoot itself, to techniques for editing the final images.

Off-Camera Flash Quickstart

4 LESSONS | 1H 15M

$159 included

Working with off-camera flash is not something reserved for pros. Once you have studied this course you will be confident and knowledgeable on how to use these powerful tools.

A Deep Dive into Landscape Photography

15 LESSONS | 1H 41M

$47 included

This is more than just a technical discussion of settings used though, you’ll learn the social aspect of shooting in other countries and how to create your own unique images wherever you are.

Macro Photography 101

22 LESSONS | 3H 18M

$159 included

In just over three hours you’ll learn everything you need to start creating amazing macro images. From choosing the right lens and perfecting the light, to advanced editing techniques and problem-solving.

A Deep Dive into Wildlife Photography

12 LESSONS | 1H 29M

$47 included

Great wildlife photography isn’t something reserved for the pros. You can capture incredible animal portraits with the gear you currently have as long as you understand these basic technical and strategic concepts.

A Deep Dive into Portrait Photography

24 LESSONS | 2H 44M

$47 included

You’ll learn how to plan, even in a short amount of time, so you never miss beautiful moments, how to approach strangers you want to photograph, and the importance of composition in the final image.

Wedding Photography 101

14 LESSONS | 4H 52M

$297 included

Whether your friends have asked you to shoot their wedding, or you are getting started shooting weddings commercially, this course will walk you through all the variables you need to consider to have a successful wedding day shoot.

Bonus #1

Quickstart your Photography

Street Photography Quickstart


$47 included

In this course, I’ll walk you through camera settings, techniques and tricks that will allow you to explore any city you are in and capture the story you see in front of you in a way that is uniquely yours.

Travel Photography Quickstart


$27 included

In this course, I’ll teach you how to create a photo essay. If you are traveling for pleasure or for a photographic assignment, knowing the shots to get, that will work together to tell the story of a place and time is important.

Improving Your Portraiture


$47 included

This book is not an exhaustive manual, it is a guide that will both educate you on the fundamentals of taking amazing portraits and inspire you to up your game. Think like a professional to ensure that you always get great shots.

The Professional Camera Gear Masterclass

49 LESSONS | 8H 56M

$47 included

In this 49 part video series, I’ll break down all the different terminology used by the major brands in photography, explain all the different systems available, and teach you about the huge selection of lenses in the market.

Bonus #2

Backgrounds & Presets Tools

Skies, Mountains & Stars

20 hi-resolution backgrounds

$199 included

Simply and quickly drop these images under yours and blend in amazing skyscapes, mountains and stars. Whether you need a large portion of sky or simply some added texture you will be amazed at the magic you can create.


15 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Whether you are a Lightroom beginner or you have been using it for years, working with presets is the best way to speed up your editing. These presets will get you to your finished product quickly and easily.

Black & White

12 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Black and white photography can produce some of the most amazing photos. But, getting the perfect contrast, depth and impact is not as easy as you might think. That is why I created this pack of presets.


15 Lightroom Presets

$79 included

Controlling the light and thinking about exposure while also communicating with and guiding your subject can lead to poor results when uploading portraits. I’ve created these presets to solve the most common issues that occur when editing portraits.


Capture One Styles

$79 included

Using these Styles you’ll be able to transform your images. Inspired by places I love from around the world for their inherent color pallete I created these Styles to help Capture One users get amazing edits and save time.

Matt Granger Facebook Academy

Bonus #3

$199 included

The Matt Granger Facebook Academy is a private group for my students to get together.

You’ll be able to share your work, share inspirational images, and get your questions answered quickly.

But most importantly you’ll be joining a group of like-minded artists all on the same path whose opinions you can trust.

Monthly Q&A with Matt

Bonus #4

$199 included

Once a month join me for a live Q&A.

This is my opportunity to directly help and mentor you on your journey as a successful photographer.

If you need advice with your own photography, have any questions about the business, or you need some tips on what steps to take next I’m here to help you.


Here is a summary of everything you get:


Photography Masterclass ($399)

The Light Masterclass ($197)

Photography Business Masterclass ($297)

Natural & Available Light 101 ($207)

Aerial Photography & Video 101 ($159)

Off-Camera Flash Quickstart ($159)

A Deep Dive into Landscape Photography ($47)

Macro Photography 101 ($159)

A Deep Dive into Wildlife Photography ($47)

A Deep Dive into Portrait Photography ($47)


Street Photography Quickstart ($47)

Travel Photography Quickstart ($47)

Improving Your Portraiture ($27)

The Professional Camera Gear Masterclass ($47)


Skies, Mountains & Stars Backgrounds ($199)

Lightroom Presets - Drama ($79)

Lightroom Presets - Black & White ($79)

Lightroom Presets - Portrait ($79)

Capture One Styles - World ($79)

BONUS # 3 & 4




Matt Granger
Complete Pack


The training and tools you need to master the art and craft of photography once and for all.

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