Macro Photography 101


Master the key concepts, equipment, and techniques to start taking incredible Macro Photographs.

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This course is for you if…

You’ve tried shooting macro before but you don’t love the results.

You’ve seen macro shots in the past and thought you could never achieve the same look.

You want to start taking macro photos but you don’t know how.

Master the basics of macro and quickly produce pro-results!

What You’ll Learn

In just over three hours you’ll learn everything you need to start creating amazing macro images. 

From choosing the right lens and getting the lighting perfect, through to advanced editing techniques and problem-solving, this really is a crash course in macro mastery.

You’ll learn how to create incredible images of bugs, flowers, and even problematic reflective surfaces like watches easily and professionally.


Imagine you could…

Create incredible macro images using a proven workflow and achieve the results you dreamed of with your macro photography.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“Matt has broken down macro photography in a really easy to understand, but most importantly actionable way. I getting results that I NEVER thought would be possible!”
- S.J.

“I always assumed that macro photography was reserved for pros with crazily expensive gear. Doing this course has totally changed that. I can get the same results at home! I loved this course.”
- L.E.

“I’ve been shooting macro for years. But I would spend hours editing the final image. With Matt’s techniques I’m actually able to produce images that need almost no post-production...where were you ten years ago!”
- H.R.

"Beginner and experienced macro photographers run into the same problems - reflections, uncontrollable shadows, the wrong lighting, technical difficulties, etc, etc. I created this course to eradicate all these common problems so you can get creative and produce amazing results in no time!"

Matt Granger

Macro Photography 101


Master the key concepts, equipment, and techniques to start taking incredible Macro Photographs.

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3h 18m






Before we get started I’ll teach you all the terms you need to understand when shooting macro. Many of the standard photographic principles apply here, but there are some concepts that need r...



Continuing on with the introduction to this course I’ll teach you what you need to think about before you approach macro photography to achieve amazing sharp images easily.



On and Off-Camera Flash Options

In this section, lighting options are covered including on-camera, off-camera flash, continuous light options as well as dedicated lightboxes.



I’ll walk you through a couple of lightbox options that are great for at-home macro shoots.



Laowa 15mm F/4

Let’s take a deep dive into macro photography lenses. I’ll show you a range of weird and wonderful options that create dramatically different results. From traditional 1:1 macro lenses,...


Laowa 24mm Probe Lens

There are some zany lenses out there for macro photography. I’ll show you how to use the 24mm probe lens from Laowa in your macro shots. These lenses can be really creative for videography as...


Laowa 25mm F/2.8 & Sony 50mm F/2.8

The Laowa 5X ultra macro lens can be used to create incredible shots. I’ll teach you how it works and what to think about to see if this is the right lens for you. I’ll also show you a ...


Nikon 90mm F2.8 & Laowa 100mm F/2.8

Moving on with the more traditional options currently on the market and another zany lens from Laowa I’ll demonstrate the quality and usefulness of each.


Tokina 100mm F/2.8 & Voigtlander 110mm F/2.5

In this lesson, I’ll demonstrate and talk you through two more options for your macro photography and I’ll talk about focussing options with the different lens choices.


IRIX 150mm T/3.0

Being a cinema lens the IRIX 150mm is very unique. I’ll demonstrate how this lens works and the effects you can achieve with it. Cinema lenses can be an amazing option for photographers due t...



A cost-effective option for macro photography is to use a modifier. I’ll walk you through the options and demonstrate how they work.

Flowers & Bugs


Using a Probe Macro Lens

Sometimes you get lucky! In this first full macro shoot demonstration, I grab some small flowers from the garden to demonstrate close focus and lighting techniques in both still and video imagery. ...


Capturing Bugs on a Flower

While doing this demonstration I noticed some bugs in the flower. I’ll teach you how to light your subject to avoid shadows and create a great final macro image. I’ll also discuss manag...

Abstract Textures


A Head of Wheat

A funny phenomenon exists within photography – when you photograph a familiar object or scene much wider, or much closer than we are used to seeing it – it can become abstracted. A city...


A Feather & A Seed Pod

Continuing on with abstract textures, I’ll teach you how to stage and set up your shots to create other-worldly effects.

Light Options


Continuous Light & On-Camera Flash

In this section, I’ll demonstrate your options for using available light, added continuous light vs on-camera flash. Reality will dictate what your options are in a given situation, but using...


Off-Camera Flash

Working now with off-camera flash, I’ll teach you how to create the best shots and discuss some problem-solving tips.

Creating Shadows


Creating Shadows

Shadows CAN be distracting. But they can also elevate a mundane image into a work of art. Shadows give depth, form, shape, and texture to our images, so I’ll teach you how to intentionally ad...



Working with a Watch - Part 1

Dealing with reflections can be a nightmare. The beautiful catch light in someone’s eye becomes a distracting reflection when they put glasses on. Sometimes a reflection can give a sense of t...


Working with a Watch - Part 2

Working on the same watch and then a different one.  I’ll teach you more problem-solving tricks for dealing with reflections.

Focus Staking


Shooting for Focus Stacking

An important technique for getting amazing macro shots is focus stacking – taking multiple images with slightly different focus points, then merging them into a single final image. In this le...


Editing Workflow

Now let’s get the images into Photoshop. I’ll teach you an entire focus stacking workflow for creating incredible macro images with a large depth of field.

Macro Photography 101


Master the key concepts, equipment, and techniques to start taking incredible Macro Photographs.

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