A Deep Dive into Wildlife Photography


Learn how to plan, set up, and capture amazing wildlife photography.

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This course is for you if…

You’ve seen images you love and think you couldn’t achieve the same results.

You’ve struggled to capture wildlife and get a pro look.

You often take the same pictures as other people and they aren’t interesting.

Think like a pro when shooting wildlife and get the results!

What You’ll Learn

I’ll take you through more than 30 wildlife images I’ve captured around the world and break down exactly how I captured each shot.

This is more than just a technical discussion on settings and lens choices though, as working with animals in the wild comes with its own unique set of problems. 

You’ll learn my tricks for ‘posing’ animals in the wild, how to avoid missing must-have moments, lighting hacks, as well as some key editing processes.


Imagine you could…

Master the techniques and approach for capturing wildlife portraits. Feel confident, inspired, and able to create truly unique photography.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“Seeing how Matt works really makes me feel like I can achieve similar results. He shares insight into his workflow and approach in an in-depth and highly enjoyable way!”
- T.L.

“When I look in Nat Geo or similar magazines I think ‘I could never get that shot’. The way Matt teaches this course completely changed this for me. I don’t know what was holding me back but it’s gone! Thanks, Matt!”
- D.O.

“How amazing for a pro like Matt to talk us through his entire process. This course was incredibly informative but for me ultimately a huge source of inspiration to get out and shoot more!”
- O.C.

"Great wildlife photography isn’t something reserved for the pros. You can capture incredible animal portraits with the gear you currently have as long as you understand these basic technical and strategic concepts."

Matt Granger

A Deep Dive into Wildlife Photography


Learn how to plan, set up, and capture amazing wildlife photography.

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1h 29m





Japanese Macaque

This dramatic image of a Japanese monkey captures the monkey shaking off the excess water – keeping key parts of the image sharp, and others slightly blurry. I’ll talk you through how I...


Intimate Lion Encounter

I had an amazing experience watching two mating lions in Namibia. I’ll recount this experience and how I was able to capture it.


King of the Amazon

Deep in the Peruvian Amazon, I got up close and personal with the most deadly creature in the jungle – the Brazilian Wandering Spider. This macro image, taken at aperture f40 is surprisingly ...



Another encounter in the Peruvian Amazon, this time a macro of something equally fierce-looking – but not nearly as dangerous as the preceding file. This image was shot with a ring flash at f...


Wild Cats

The pose of your subject is just as important for wildlife as it is for people – however the method you achieve it is quite different. With Wildlife you often have to just be patient and care...


Trio of Puffins

Puffins are cute migratory birds that are found in abundance in Iceland during the summer months. In this lesson, I’ll take you through 3 distinct images, that show different aspects of the b...


Color or Monochrome?

Knowing whether an image will work best in color or as a black and white can be difficult. In this lesson, I’ll show you two eagle images taken in Mongolia and discuss the editing thought pro...


Finding Beauty

The Marabou Stork is an ugly bird – but they are still great photography subjects. In this lesson, I’ll run you through a selection of different images, showing the importance of critic...


Providing Context

Let’s take a look at two distinct animals – a dramatic wind swept Icelandic horse, and a wild Mongolian Camel – to demonstrate the importance of providing context in your animal i...


Natural Framing

Two images, taken with different equipment and in very different situations, both place attention squarely on the animal subject through subtle techniques. We will look at an Icelandic goat, framed...


Birds of a Feather

Actually, not so much. Here two very different birds are shown, one taken in flight and backlit for dramatic effect, and the other shot at rest, in direct sunset. Different editing choices – ...


Mountain Zebras

Two mountain zebras in Namibia stopped to check us out as we stopped to photograph them. I’ll compare two shots – one of the pair of animals, and one as a solo subject. The duo image ch...

A Deep Dive into Wildlife Photography


Learn how to plan, set up, and capture amazing wildlife photography.

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