A Deep Dive into Portrait Photography


Learn my tricks and techniques for creating unique, dramatic, and interesting portraits.

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This course is for you if…

You wish your portraits looked more professional.

You struggle to capture candid moments.

You aren’t sure what setting to use when shooting portraits.

Set yourself up to achieve amazing portraits!

What You’ll Learn

On this almost three hour course, I’ll take you through over 30 portraits I’ve captured over the years. I’ll detail exactly how I set up the camera, subject, lighting, and the story I wanted to tell.

I’ll teach you what to look for when searching for interesting frames, how to approach strangers you want to photograph, and the importance of composition in the final image.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or a beginner, my tricks and tips for creating amazing portraits will accelerate your ability to create images you love.


Imagine you could…

Plan, even in a short amount of time, so you never miss beautiful moments. Confidently achieve professional results when photographing people and know how to approach people to get the best images.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“My portraits always lacked something, they never came out how I hoped. Matt’s course really helped me understand how to pre-vision the final frame, think of light, and the story. I’m so happy with the results I’m now getting!”
- B.D.

“It’s so inspiring hearing a pro talk about their portfolio. It makes me want to travel more, even locally, and shoot constantly. I really loved this course”
- G.N.

“Matt’s tips on this course are already having a HUGE effect on my photography. I’m thinking more before grabbing my camera, my grasp of settings is more instinctive, and the results are awesome.”
- H.L.

"By studying over 30 portraits I’ve captured over the years, I hope to bring confidence, technique, and inspiration to your workflow when you are photographing people. No matter where you are in the world, beautiful stories are waiting to be told. I hope by lifting the curtain it encourages people to step out of their comfort zone and engage with their subjects in new and creative ways."

Matt Granger

A Deep Dive into Portrait Photography


Learn my tricks and techniques for creating unique, dramatic, and interesting portraits.

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2h 44m





Ethiopian Child Photo

I’ll talk you through a chance encounter in a remote village, and how unconventional settings facilitated the final result.


Ethiopian Cattle Herder

A roadside stop with an imposing local farmer. I’ll explain how I got access to this interesting man and how and why I used flash in this portrait.


Mursi Mother

A rare and personal portrait of a mother and child, at one of Africa's most dangerous tribes. You’ll learn how and why you should avoid popular tourist spots when traveling.


Apprentice Geisha in Kyoto

Kyoto is the traditional heart of Japan and it is the center of Geisha culture. Many tourists flock to the old town for a glimpse of these traditional artists. Learn how to capture unique shots in ...


Bhutanese Monk

In this lesson, I’ll teach you how to capture candid portraits.


Tour Guide in Bhutan

In this lesson, I’ll show you two distinct images of the same subject, taken a year apart, and I’ll explain how they were both crafted to show rich layers of cultural information.


Portrait of the Patriarch

This is one of my favorite and most personal images. I want to detail the importance and process of telling a story with your portraits.


Emotions in Chile

In this video, I’ll take you through two distinct outpourings of emotion, captured in Chile. The first is a Navy man at a parade in Valparaiso and presented in Black and White. The second is ...


Muslim Man in Southern Ethiopia

A roadside stop with an unexpected community. I’ll explain how to get a great shot when time is of the essence.


Eagle Huntress - Mongolia

A classic image of a now global sensation – Aisholpan. Taken at a traditional festival in Mongolia in freezing temperatures, this image was a matter of patience, timing, and a degree of luck....


Remote Andean Festival

Taken at a festival at an altitude of almost 16,000 feet, this image documents a freak snowstorm in the remote valley. I’ll teach you how to capture detail in these difficult situations.


Bhutan Festival Men

Taken at a festival high in the rice paddies in Bhutan, this video covers two distinct portraits of men at the event. The first is a slow shutter image taken of a spinning mask dancer, and the seco...


Cuban Tobacco Farmers

In this lesson, I’ll talk you through two distinct images of farmers on the outskirts of Vinales, Cuba. Two characters on nearby farms, but two very different images in terms of process and o...


Bride and Groom

This is a traditional couple portrait for a bridal party. This kind of image could be staged and shot before or after a wedding day, I’ll detail the actual process of how this was created &nd...


Cuban Flag Portraits

Two very different portraits, taken in different parts of the country, that both use the Cuban flag as a grounding element. The first was with a retired fisherman in a tiny village. The second was ...


Manhattan Ninja

In this lesson, I’ll teach you about staged portraiture. In this shot, I used off-camera flash and fog to create the final image.


Bubble Bath

Taken at a designer hotel in Sydney, where I created an image with a double theme of bubbles. Learn how I got this effect without any Photoshop work after the fact.


Candid Travel Portraits

In this video, I’ll talk you through 3 distinct travel portraits taken in Ethiopia and Peru. Each image was a matter of careful timing and a willingness to interact with locals in a meaningfu...


Machine Gun Man

This teenage boy in Ethiopia stands with an AK-47, dressed in Camo, with a sweaty brow and an intense gaze. But looks can be deceiving – I’ll explain exactly how this shot was created.



Two young tribal scouts resting in a tree nearby the Omo Valley form a dramatic frame in this monochrome image. This image was a blend of luck preparation and fast action.



This image was shot in Hong Kong and inspired by a Japanese photographer. Beyond describing the process of shooting the image, I want to discuss the inspiration and the value of imitation.



Taken at an abandoned and desolate orphanage in rural Australia, this image was carefully crafted to bring a feeling of demented madness. I’ll explain the outfit, posing, and lighting used to...


High Kick

On this shoot, I created two distinct images with the same, model, equipment, and beam of natural light – but still created two very different final images. By adding flash to one image, and ...


Creative Self-Portrait

This final portrait is of me! Taken with off-camera flash in the living room, with the help of my wife. I’ll teach you how this dramatic result was created in just a couple of minutes.

A Deep Dive into Portrait Photography


Learn my tricks and techniques for creating unique, dramatic, and interesting portraits.

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