A Deep Dive into Landscape Photography


An in-depth tutorial on the techniques used in creating 28 landscape images from around the world.

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This course is for you if…

You struggle to capture landscapes you love.

You often feel uninspired when shooting a landscape.

You aren’t sure what settings you should be using.

Create unique and dramatic landscapes images!

What You’ll Learn

In this 15 part video course, I’ll take you on a deep dive of 28 landscape images I’ve taken around the world.

You will get to see behind the finished images to hear the reality of image-making in a professional scenario.

This is more than just a technical discussion of settings used though, you’ll learn the social aspect of shooting in other countries and how to create your own unique images wherever you are.


Imagine you could…

Know how to find inspiration and tell a story with your camera. Understand the perfect settings to create epic landscape photography and how they affect your final image.

Hear what photographers have to say…

“I’ve seen these images on Matt’s Instagram and have always wanted to know how he got these shots. So inspiring and this course is PACKED full of useful tips.”
- T.G.

“This course has had an amazing effect on my landscapes. A breath of fresh air on my approach and technique when shooting. Thank you!”
- L.L.

“Tons of incredible tricks in this course, loads of inspiring ideas, and my images are improving already!”
- D.A.

"It’s possible to tell a beautiful story when shooting landscapes and I hope to teach you how!"

Matt Granger

A Deep Dive into Landscape Photography


An in-depth tutorial on the techniques used in creating 28 landscape images from around the world.

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1h 41m






I’ll take you through a series of images taken of the sand dunes in Namibia. I’ll teach you how I varied my technique, settings, and vantage point to create dramatically different final...


Bhutan Tradition

Come with me to the kingdom in the clouds – Bhutan – and I’ll teach you how I captured two of my most popular landscape images. 


Iceland from the Air

In this lesson, I’ll walk you through the legalities and practicalities of flying a drone, and how I created an image with layers of information in western Iceland. 


Road Trip Photos

In this lesson, I’ll teach you the techniques I used for two images taken on road trips – one in Australia and one on route 66 USA. Both images use a similar technique, but yield dramat...


Night Hunting

Storytelling is not limited to only people shots when traveling. I want to teach you about the rich depth of information and storytelling present in a seemingly simple landscape. You’ll learn...


Sossusvlei, Namibia

The Sossusvlei in Namibia is a favorite for photographers with its stark red black and white palette and alien-like formations. In this video, I’ll take you through two different images taken...


Skeleton Coast

Taken from a light plane over the coast of Namibia, I’ll teach you how I capture two dramatic and almost abstract images of the huge sand dunes. I’ll walk you through the technical cons...


Landscape Portrait

Learn how to create a great landscape using a classic portrait lens – the 105mm f1.4 – not a lens often used for landscapes. 


Lady Liberty

In this lesson, I’ll talk you through an image that was taken at sunset which provides dramatic lighting, but also technical challenges. I’ll teach you how to work around these to get a...


Sunrise in Mongolia

Taken at below-freezing temperatures, I’ll teach you how a simple snapshot works to tell the story of a time and place, through the elements included in the frame.


Creative Vantage Points

A flagpole in Bhutan and a famous black church in Iceland – what do these images have in common? I’ll show you that by finding a unique vantage point you can capture images that are uni...


Ranges of Mountains

Two mountain images taken on opposite sides of the planet. One taken with quite traditional equipment and settings, the other using a super-telephoto lens. I’ll teach you the technical detail...



Another comparison between two similar, but strikingly different images. One shot is taken for sharp buildings and water, and the other is shot wide open. I’ll teach you the finer points of a...


Trio of Plantation Images

Three shots taken moments apart, with slightly different zoom settings, different framing, and editing, but all with the same equipment and from the same standing point. The results are dramaticall...


Cuban Lake Images

Three shots taken within half an hour at sunrise. I’ll teach you my approach to capturing a range of shots when the light is changing quickly.

A Deep Dive into Landscape Photography


An in-depth tutorial on the techniques used in creating 28 landscape images from around the world.

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